Thursday, May 13, 2010


Spencer's work seems to have 2 very distinct styles. 1 is macro in black and white. They often are of plants and organic things, but are also of objects as well. His 2nd style is a kind of fabricated photojournalism. His work often tells a story and often over a series of pictures. He frequently uses himself as his model and it seems to give him the exact thing he is looking for. His photos are usually in black and white and have a very intimate feel to them.

I chose these 2 photos to portray his 2 styles. The first 1 shows off his beautiful macros shots of nature. Portrayed as a diptic shows crisp focus and stunning photography. The 2nd photo shows off his ability to tell a story. This beautiful composition, which includes himself as the model draws you in and you feel very close to the character.

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