Thursday, May 13, 2010

Min Soo

Min Soo's photography plays with the light and yet is also pretty dark. His use of shadows and highlights are constant through our all his work. His work seems to be generally candid and like a street photographer's. However he also has experimented with objects and shot them beautifully. Some examples art locks, wine classes, lamps, candles, and books. Overall his photos tend to have a very organic feel and are over nature and architecture. He also combines them and also use people as well. Min Soo's work is very dark and light and bold.

I chose these 2 photos because they are stunning. The fist photo of the silhouetted man and trees is no short of breath taking. The amazing lines formed by the trees and the perfection of silhouetted draw you to the perfectly silhouetted man. The second photo really portays Min Soo's use of shadow and light and boldness.

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