Monday, May 17, 2010

Aperture Reviews

Keliy Anderson-Staley's work is called "Off The Grid". The subjects of this series are families and their homes who have chosen to live in the Maine woods. She seems to stick to the lighting that is provided in her setting and she uses a lot of lines, both vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. They are arranged in ways that either create contrasting directions and angles or are arranged uniformly and draw the photo into one specific direction.

Alejandro Cartagena's work is called "Lost River". The subjects of this series are suburbs of the Mexican city of Monterrey. The use of light is absolutely beautiful. The contrasts of light and shadow are beautifully blended with the softer shades of lights. Also the use of color is very similar. Bold and bright colors are spread perfectly through out the soft colors of the rest of the photos.

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