Thursday, January 27, 2011

Portfolio Options

Hey. Thanks for doing this. I need to get rid of 4 photos. So I would ideally like to know which 5 to take out. I was also told in a portfolio review to pick photos that were more than just "nature is pretty" so if you could keep that in mind too that would be awesome. Thanks

Digital Photos
They ask what medium it is. Do I just say 'Digital' or is it something else? Also they want the dimensions. Do I say the pixels or do I say it in inches because most of these haven't actually been printed out before.

B&W Film Photos
I would ideally like to keep all of these just because are film, but if not thats ok too. At a portfolio review with CCA the woman really liked the spider web one. Apparently it is more than just "nature is pretty". I don't know whether or not to put it in though because it's not actually my favorite, but if she liked it then maybe I should use it. Also, what do I say the medium is for these?